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Innovating Means Caring.

Providing patient compliance services is the main field of activity and development for PCC Hellas. We are devoted to transforming healthcare we welcome challenges and anticipate trends.

Making a difference

Together, we are enhancing patient care to positively impact lives of people every day.

Making patients digital & mobile.

PCC Hellas empowers patients, caregivers and HCPs to shift from Hospital-based to patient-centered care with solutions integrating mobile, web, and health systems interoperability.

About Us

PCC Hellas consists of a team of highly trained professionals who are experienced in every aspect of patient adherence. They are supported by a very efficient call-center, manned by clinical psychologists alongside a skilled homecare network of registered nurses.

Our team provides patient support programs which ensure that individuals receive the best holistic assistance they require in order to adhere to their doctor's guidelines throughout their treatment path, providing a safe, continuous and seamless service.

Our Services

“There are increasing needs in services related to Patient Compliance worldwide. We bring together support schemes and research in improving quality of life, to create an environment where all interested parties can cover their needs and complement each other.”

Call Center Support

A patient’s first impression of a provider often comes from a phone call. And every phone call is important for us.

Nursing Support

Ranging from patient training to a drug administration and assement visits, enduring 99% geographical coverage.

Patient Training and Education

Reacing empowerment though recourses and support services tailored to the needs of patients and their families.

Care Plan Management

By understanding the interactions with the braoder healthcare system,seamless interventions can be identified.

Caregiver Support

Assistance and relief for caregivers in their emotionally and physically demanding role.

Real Word Evidence

Data drivers decision-making; we measure what matters and capture patients’ voices.

Our Products

Our ePlatform is fully customizable software tool that was developed specifically for the management of Patient Support Programs. Keeping all stakeholders informed and aligned, transparent monitoring of patient’s progress, and the timely submission of patient reports. Enhancing communication among the entire circle of care not only improves the patient's experience, it allows administrators the ability to better manage the patient's treatment journey, and the healthcare professionals who are providing services. .


Use iPAΧ© to monitor, administer and decide on your patients' compliance and adherence. Connect directly to PCC HELLAS managing information servers to get critical treatment information instantly.

Does your patient follow your treatment guidelines? Do you consider patient training on medication-taking a hard, time-consuming procedure? iPAΧ© is a valuable tool that helps you raise your communication, guidance and coaching skills to lead your patients through their personal journey.


MDStation™ is an evolutionary technology Personal Point Of Care, which brings Patient Compliance & Adherence to the new era.

Every patient who has repeatedly actions on a medical treatment, such as medication taking, diet and exercise schedule, regular diagnosis, check-ups and sensor measurements etc., now gets the whole healthcare monitoring and reminding program in one easy-to-use, portable tablet. Every single action is transferred directly to the doctor's application (iPAΧ©), so he/she gets all the information needed for the treatment's decisions.


PCC HELLAS consists of a team of expert professionals with the required experience and training in the field of Patient Compliance

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We believe that real world data make strong evidence-the outcoumes are convincing and the potential is substantial.


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