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What is MDStation

MDStation™ is an evolutionary technology Personal Point Of Care, which brings Patient Compliance & Adherence to the new era.

Every patient who has repeatedly actions on a medical treatment, such as medication taking, diet and exercise schedule, regular diagnosis, check-ups and sensor measurements etc., now gets the whole healthcare monitoring and reminding program in one easy-to-use, portable tablet. Every single action is transferred directly to the doctor's application (iPAΧ©), so he/she gets all the information needed for the treatment's decisions.

MDStation™ though, is much more than this. The individual medication program is scheduled by the doctor, so the patient has really nothing to do in order to align drugs and time reminders. It also connects to a central database and provides 2-way video or voice communication among the patient and the doctor.

MDStation™ is a great platform for easy-to-fill questionnaires, complete assessments and hosts comprehensive multimedia content for patient training.


Regular reminders and feedbacks on selected Patient Treatment Protocol

  • Medication taking
  • Doctor appointments
  • Dose taking preparation instructions
  • Check-ups and sensor measurements
  • Questionnaires and treatment status surveys

Voice and video calling

  • With the doctor
  • With the caregiver
  • With anyone who has immediate concern on the treatment

Medication training and information (multimedia content)

  • Proper use of drug
  • Assessments
  • Authorized disease information
  • Important Safety Information
  • Patient instruction for use
  • Medication guide
  • Any other information approved by the doctor

Compliance metrics

  • Graphical presentation of compliance
  • History of medication actions
  • Medication plan

Integration with iPAΧ© for direct doctor's overview

  • Easy patient's medication planning
  • Voice and video calling
  • Custom or official surveys for patient's Quality Of Life, disease, treatment etc
  • Instant messages to the patients
  • Instant information on Patients' Compliance and possible adverse events
  • On-line reports and feedback on the specific Patient Treatment Protocol


  • Personal reminders through voice or video recordings
  • Local weather presentation
  • Community posts for example, news and information's by associations and patient groups

Benefits For the Patient

  • Peace of mind. The patients and the caregivers are no longer confused about date and action reminders
  • Lots of approved comprehensive information about the disease, treatment and drug
  • Direct communication with anyone who cares, especially the doctor, the caregiver or even the pharmacist
  • Self-training and evaluation on specific medication usage
  • Accurate monitoring on critical treatment actions
  • Online help and guidance by voice or video call
  • Perfect scheduling not only for medication but for any kind of Quality of Life actions

Benefits For the Physician (integration with iPAΧ©)

  • Full control on your patients' compliance programs
  • Direct communication using voice or video calls
  • On-Line monitoring and statistical reporting for the patients' compliance journey and possible adverse events comments
  • Improved scheduling and follow-up on your patient's meetings
  • Direct messaging to your patients
  • Online assessments and questionnaires to your patients
  • Great decision making tool on compliance and adherence

Competitive Advantages

  • MDStation™ is not a stand-alone application, but it interacts with the doctor's iPAΧ©. The doctor has direct access to the patient's schedule.
  • It is more than just a medication reminder; it is a complete Point Of Care (POC) which, further to reminders and feedback, includes:
  • Multimedia information content, such as:
    • Specifications of Product Characteristics (SPC)
    • Proper use of drug
    • Authorized disease information,
    • Important Safety Information
    • Patient instruction for use
    • Medication guide and any other approved information
    • Answering questionnaires, relative to treatment or Quality Of Life. These questionnaires could be written by the doctor or could be any standard questionnaire from the Health community. The answering results is directly visible into the doctor's (iPAΧ©.
    • Training content and assessments on the patient's proper use of drug or training on the treatment.
    • Direct video or voice calls to the doctor and anyone who's relative to the treatment.
    • Ability to connect with medical and self-measurement devices. Direct results to the doctor.
    • Text-To-Speech (TTS) support for any text appears to the patient.
  • Important: To avoid data entry errors, the whole treatment scheduling data is entering by the doctor through iPAΧ©.
  • Integration with the complete patient support services through:
    • Call center agents
    • Homecare support
    • Ideal monitoring tool for clinical trials.
    • Comely graphical user interface (GUI), which gives a positive feeling to the patient.