PCC Hellas

What is iPAΧ©?

Use iPAΧ© to monitor, administer and decide on your patients' compliance and adherence. Connect directly to PCC HELLAS managing information servers to get critical treatment information instantly. Does your patient follow your treatment guidelines? Do you consider patient training on medication-taking a hard, time-consuming procedure? iPAΧ© is a valuable tool that helps you raise your communication, guidance and coaching skills to lead your patients through their personal journey.

iPAΧ© for the Physician

Instant information on Patients' Compliance and possible adverse events

You can now get instant information on your Patients' Compliance. iPAΧ©, gives you the ability to monitor in detail all the actions taken by PCC HELLAS on each patient (reminding calls, nurse visits, SMS etc). At the same time, you are just a click away from any comment that could be possibly related to adverse events, reported by your patients.

On-Line patient registration

Follow a few simple steps to register your patients in a given Patient Compliance program.

Get instant information on papers, events and facts related to the disease.

iPAΧ© is a unique media to keep you continuously updated on the latest papers, events and seminars.

Quick and easy personalization of the Patients Compliance program

Every Patients Compliance program has a lot of options and parameters that have to be adjusted for each patient. Personalization has never been easier. Modifications and additions for every Patients Compliance program pass automatically by central updates.

iPAΧ© for the Patient

Personal Patient Compliance Program

iPAΧ© allows you to modify the personal Patient Compliance Program for each patient of yours, having these modifications transferred directly to the PCC HELLAS Patient Support Center. Your orders execute immediately, especially for time-critical actions.

Medication-taking reports

You are now able to have on-line Compliance statistics for every patient. In every patient visit at your office, you have more information to talk about and make accurate decisions for better treatment results.

Instant messaging

Through iPAΧ© you can instantly inform your patients about new treatment guidelines or occasional situations. You can do this by yourself or send this information to the PCC HELLAS to handle it within the regular communication planned in each patient program.

SMS or email

You may have all the communication done by sending SMS or emails, at any time, to all or part of your patients you want to.

Medication-taking confirmation (Callback Confirmation)

iPAΧ© is regularly updated for your patients' medication-taking enabling the CallBack Confirmation service. Each patient, on the particular time set for medication-taking, calls to a free-of-charge telephone number. This call is registered to our automated system and updates your patient's profile as a succeeded medication-taking action. That's all.

Benefits for the Physician

  • Full control on your patients' compliance programs
  • Direct interaction
  • On-Line monitoring and statistical reporting for the patients' compliance journey and possible adverse events comments
  • Immediate updates and reminders for studies and events related to the treatment
  • Improved scheduling and follow-up on your patient's meetings
  • Improved communication with your patients
  • Valuable impact to your patients; "my doctor really cares for me"
  • Competitive advantage and increased status
  • Unique tool for efficient results on Patient Compliance & Adherence

Benefits for the Patient

  • Peace of mind. The patients or caregivers are no longer confused about date and action reminders
  • Even better personalization on their Compliance program
  • Direct, at any time, communication from their doctor


iPAΧ© is a web application and its requirements are really limited. What you need to run iPAΧ© is:

  • a PC, laptop or tablet.
  • any operating system
  • an internet connection
  • a web browser (Internet Explorer - v 8 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera)
  • a printer connection

Data security

PCC HELLAS secured systems policy, meets the latest security specs. We have a two-level security system that combines leading technical safeguards and a strict code of conduct that all employees have agreed to comply with. iPAX uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology in transmitting your personal information to our servers, ensuring the integrity and privacy of the personal information transmitted. VeriSign certification guarantees secure electronic transactions.

Personal data protection

PCC HELLAS has received authorization from theHellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA) in order to ensure all service recipients' data. The authorization involves the retention of a sensitive data database. According to the authorization, data are kept in terms of providing compliance services. Services provided consist of a) homecare nurse support b) communication with the patient for reminding him to take his medication, to arrange check up according to doctor's guidelines and to keep his appointments with his doctor.

PCC HELLAS has been awarded a Management System certificate in line with ISO 9001: 2015 QUALITY STANDARDS for the provision of Patient Compliance Services.